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Heilala Vanilla Bean Paste

Crio and Vanilla - A great taste combination!! 

With  an NZ Food Award in 2010 and Supreme Runner Up of the 2011 Cuisine Artisan Award in tow, this paste is a fantastic alternative to using a pod as it is convenient and economical in any recipe where you want to add a gourmet touch by showcasing the seeds alongside the full vanilla flavour.

We love adding a dash to our Brü and its perfect in bliss balls like the one here below and many other recipes.

Crio Brü Bliss Balls  - click for recipe

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  • Heilala Vanilla Bean Paste 100ml Jar
    $30.00 $25.00

    The rock star of the vanilla world, Heilala Vanilla Bean paste has recently won several highly coveted ‘foodie’ awards. Made to a secret recipe by the Colonel Garth Boggiss, this superstar vanilla paste is...

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