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What is Crio Brü and why should I replace my morning coffee with it?

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This original article was posted by Fine Foods and contains many of the questions that are emailed in to us on a regular basis, so if you are looking at changing your daily cuppa - now may just be the time to do it!

Chocolate has been consumed and enjoyed since the most ancient of civilisations. Over thousands of years, it has been turned into a sweet confection but for those who wish to enjoy its astounding health benefits, along with its pure, natural flavour, there is Crio Brü, a potent, all-natural product that’s brewed just like coffee. We spoke with Marketing Manager Mandy Marais and learned a whole lot more about this fascinating food. Crio Bru Australia is the only company in Australia that sells brewed cocoa.

In a nutshell, what is Crio Brü?

Crio Brü is a healthy and delicious coffee alternative made from 100% roasted and ground cocoa beans. It offers sky high antioxidant value, mineral benefits and natural ‘honest energy’ resulting from its Theobromine content. It is less acidic than coffee so a more gentle option for those who need to replace their morning brew but still want to feel some of the energy benefits.

How does its antioxidant content measure up to coffee and tea?

The ORAC score for a cup of brewed Crio Brü is 8500 IU for a 250ml cup. This does not include the antioxidants found in the used cocoa grounds which can be added to smoothies, oatmeal, brownies, etc. This compares similarly to a cup of cranberries.

Is Crio Brü an all-natural product?

 Yes, Crio Brü is a brewed drink made from 100% cacao beans (also known as cocoa beans), roasted to perfection. Named after the most prized of cacao beans, the Criollo, Crio Brü will astound your taste buds with its complex chocolaty flavours and subtle aromas which come right from the cacao bean itself! It is 100% natural and 100% pure.

Crio Brü is the ultimate superfood. It is low in calories and contains no sugar, no fat, no dairy, no sodium, no cholesterol and practically no caffeine, yet is extremely high in antioxidants, theobromine and a host of other vitamins and minerals.

Does it contain any sweeteners?

No it is 100% pure cacao beans.

What’s Crio Brü’s caffeine content?

 Depending on the type of cacao bean it is made from, it either contains little to no caffeine or trace amounts. The misconception that chocolate (cacao) contains caffeine is based primarily on confusion between two similar alkaloids: caffeine and theobromine. The two stimulants are related and have similar chemical structures, but possess very different properties, effects and origins.

Theobromine clearly has stimulant properties, so perhaps people reflexively attribute those effects to caffeine, even though many of the effects are fundamentally different from caffeine. Perhaps when referring to caffeine, they intend to reference an entire class of chemicals called xanthines, of which caffeine is but one example.

The amount of xanthines present in cacao is highly dependent on the variety of cacao bean that is used. There are three main varieties of cacao: criollo, trinatario and forastero. Criollo beans account for 1-2% of the world’s cacao, trinatario beans for around 10-20% and the rest are forastero. Criollo beans have the highest amount of theobromine but also contain trace amounts of caffeine whereas trinatario and forastero, typically, have little to no caffeine.

Theobromine and caffeine are similarly constructed types of pharmacologically active chemicals but with noticeably different effects. Theobromine is gentle, mild, has a slow onset, is long lasting and non-addictive whereas caffeine is intense, strong, fast acting, short lived and addictive.

Crio Brü is 100% pure cacao. A typical sample of cacao beans will yield anywhere from zero caffeine to 1,000 parts per million of caffeine (less than 1/20th of the caffeine present in coffee). Crio Brü provides long lasting energy and promotes whole body wellness without the negative effects found in other drinks.

Is Crio Brü bitter like cacao?

 Crio Brü has a very unique taste. The consistency can be likened more to tea than to coffee and once you are brewing it you smell the rich chocolaty aroma but when you taste is it is bitter like a 90% chocolate bar. Remember it is just 100% chocolate brewed in water – nothing added! Whilst this appeals to many customers, it does take some getting used to for others and they start off by adding creamer and a sweetener of choice. This then lifts the flavour to something your palette recognises as chocolate. After some time many customers drop the sugar and/or creamer and drink it more in its natural state. This is the great thing about Crio Brü – you get to choose exactly what to add – whether it be sugar, maple syrup, coconut oil, etc.

 How is Crio Brü brewed to serve?

 It needs to be fully immersed and brewed slowly to bring out its rich, strong flavour. A French press is probably the most popular way. We prefer insulated brewing equipment and that is why we sell accessories that are double walled to enable the Brü to keep hotter for longer. There are so many ways to ‘Brew the Brü’ and simply simmering in hot milk like a Chai is also a very popular option.

What flavours is Crio Brü available in?

Crio Brü is available in 8 different varietals; these range from where the beans are grown in the world and pick up the flavour from what they are grown near (similar to terroir as in grapes). Three of the flavours have something added – Mint, Maya and Pumpkin Spice – whereas the other five are completely 100% cacao beans. Cavalla is our most popular flavour and the flagship of the range. Cavalla French Roast has been roasted a bit longer and would be the most similar to coffee if we had to pick one.

What makes Crio Brü such a great Coffee Substitute?

Crio Brü is both a new drink and an ancient one. Ka'kao was an everyday drink of the kings and peoples of the great Incas, Mayans, Olmecs and Aztecs for hundreds of years, but was changed when the Old World met the New. The incredible health properties of cacao are currently lost in the process of making modern chocolate, but with Crio Brü, they are preserved.

Many people have difficulty drinking coffee over time due to the specific types of acids it contains: tannic acid, aliphatic acid, chlorogenic acid, phenolic acid and alicyclic acid. Cocoa is known to have different type of acids: stearic acid, palmitic acid, oxalic acid and phytic acid.

We have found that individuals that could no longer drink coffee have no problem drinking Crio. You may need to drink a small amount in the beginning, to be sure. If you are concerned about a medical issue, we encourage you to speak with your doctor before trying it.

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