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How to Brü

There are many ways to make Crio Bru - see our suggestions below and look at our recommended accessories here

Crio Brü is a popular take on a herbal coffee in Australia and can be prepared any way that traditional coffee is prepared. This opens up endless possibilities as you enjoy this artisan roasted cocoa and is ideal if you are looking for delicious low caffeine drinks. You can drink Crio Brü “black” with nothing added or you can experiment by adding your favorite creamer, sweetener and spices. A dash of cinnamon, for example, is delicious in Cavalla. Crio Brü can be mixed with your favorite coffee grounds to make an incredible Crio Mocha. You can brew it in a standard auto-drip machine with a permanent filter or in a French Press. To brew a thicker and richer Crio Brü, think hotter and longer. Set your auto-drip to brew slowly or brew it longer in a French Press. Many customers love it with a dash of coconut oil or with butter added to make a Bullet Proof version.

Below are some useful guidelines for brewing Crio, Many customers brew it successfully in a moka pot / stovetop percolator -  personally here at Crio Central we prefer it a bit stronger but always recommend you keep experimenting until you discover your signature Brü  - that adds to the fun!  

When it comes to healthy coffee alternatives with chocolatey goodness, you just can’t beat a Crio Brü.

Be Creative – Be Bold – Be Adventurous


French Press


  1. Remove the piston and the top from the French Press.
  2. Add Crio Brü grounds. Add one to two level tablespoons of your favorite Crio Brü into the French Press per Crio cup* that you are going to brew. The more grounds you add, the more full-bodied your Brü will brew.
  3. Measure water. Measure water for each of Crio cup* you wish to brew.
  4. Heat water. Bring water to a boil and then cool for thirty seconds. The temperature of the water should be 90-95 degrees C.
  5. Add hot water. Pour heated water into the French Press over the Crio Brü grounds.
  6. Stir. Use a wooden spoon to avoid damaging the glass of your French Press (if you use a metal spoon, be cautious).
  7. Place top and piston on the French Press. DO NOT depress yet.
  8. Let it Brü. Wait five to seven minutes then stir again to increase body and flavor. Wait another minute for the grounds to drop to the bottom.
  9. Depress the piston. Making sure the “spout” is facing forward, slowly depress the piston until it has reached the bottom of its stroke.
  10. Let it settle. Wait 30 seconds for grounds to settle before pouring.
  11. Serve and enjoy! Just as with coffee, adjust to personal taste with creamer and/or sweetener.


coffee maker.jpg



Standard / Drip Coffee Maker :



  1. Place filter into the coffee maker. In many coffee makers, a permanent "gold wire" filter*** is recommended. If using a paper filter, never fill more than halfway.
  2. Add Crio Brü blend. Add one to two level tablespoons** of your favorite Crio Brü blend into the filter per each Crio cup*.
  3. Add water. Measure amount of water needed and pour into the reservoir of the auto-drip machine.
  4. Brü. Wait for the brewing process to complete. If the coffee maker allows, a slower brew cycle will make a more full-bodied Brü.
  5. Serve and enjoy! Just as with coffee, adjust to personal taste with creamer and/or sweetener. 
    * A “Crio cup” measurement of water is 125 ml.

    ** If you are brewing four cups or fewer, you may wish to add an additional tablespoon of grounds.  

    *** A permanent "gold wire" filter ensures the coffee maker will not overflow.

Brew in a thermal blender (eg: thermomix)

  1. Place 50g into bowl with 8-900g water and cook for 10 min/90°C/speed 2.

  2. Whiz for 10 sec/speed 5. Wait a few seconds for contents to settle before opening the lid.

  3. Press with coffee plunger or French Press or simply pour through a tea strainer

  4. Serve and enjoy! Just as with coffee, adjust to personal taste with creamer and/or sweetener.


Crio Concentrate in a thermal blender

 150 g Crio Bru granules, straight from the pack 
 500 g water
 1 tsp Vanilla bean Paste - we love Heilala 
 150 g sugar of choice (optional)
 Pinch of salt        

Place Crio Bru granules and water into Thermal Blender bowl and cook 15 min/90ºC/speed 2.

Cool completely. Strain through fine mesh sieve. You may wish to use the brewed grounds for other uses such as adding to  brownies, smoothies etc. or using as a body scrub.

Keep in the fridge and use as required with cold milk or top up to taste with boiling water or steamed milk for a quick hot Crio in minutes



On the stove top - the easy way

  1. Using a small saucepan, place around 300ml of water per serving / cup.

  2. Add 2 - 3 tablespoons of Crio Bru for each cup 

  3. Bring to just under boiling point, then simmer for around 10 minutes.

  4. Pour through a tea strainer to serve



Party Size :

  1. Measure water. Measure 7 cups water for every 1 cup Crio Brü.

  2. Heat water. Bring water to a boil (stove top or microwave) and then cool for thirty seconds. The temperature of the water should be 90.5-96.1°C 

  3. Add Crio. If brewing on a stove top, reduce heat to simmer, stirring occassionally. Watch closely as the pot can boil over within first few minutes. 

  4. Simmer. Let simmer for 10-15 minutes. Be careful not to overextract by steeping longer.

  5. Strain. Pour brew through strainer into another pot or bowl. 

  6. Press. Pour into French press and press or pour through a chinois.

  7. Serve and enjoy! Just as with coffee, adjust to personal taste with creamer and/or sweetener. Crio will remain hot in an airpot or thermos.











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