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What is the difference between Crio Bru and cocoa powder?

Posted by Riley Arntz on

                  What makes Crio Bru such a healthy Coffee Alternative? Read below to find out                      


Cacao is one of the most cultivated plant species in the whole world, and an ingredient used in countless products. Each application for cacao comes with a different form of processing and refinement. The chocolate bars of our childhood actually contain very little raw cacao; instead it's primarily sugar and artificial flavors.

Over the past 20 years, as the public has become more educated to the dangers of foreign additives, consumers' tastes have shifted to natural alternatives with fewer ingredients.

However, the work is not done; often we get the question:

"What is the difference between cocoa powder, and a cacao product like Crio Bru?"

Cocoa powder is made by grinding the bean into cocoa liquor, which is then pressed to remove the cocoa butter. The remaining cocoa solids are 10-20% cocoa butter, but are dry enough to finely grind into a powder. This process is time consuming and usually additives are present. What does that all mean? The powder you find in a can at your local grocer only has a small fraction of the original health properties.

Crio Bru on the other hand is a 100% cacao product, that means the only substance present is whole cacao, nothing is removed or added. Even the shells are left in and all the cocao butter remains to enrich the brewing process, and retain its plentiful health benefits.

It has been a positive movement for consumers to get educated about the ingredients in food and drinks. Next time you're considering which cocoa product is right for you, remember the difference between whole nutrition and a fraction.

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